Things I’ve been learning:

To be content, stop comparing yourself with others—create more than you consume.

In the desert, Jesus was tempted with Performance, Possession, and Popularity. Satan will use these to pull us away from Christ.

We are given the law to recognize our sin. We are given grace to understand His love.

God wants our obedience over our sacrifice, and our hearts over our actions.

Don’t box people into personality types. Every person is created unique and different. Love them instead of judge them. We are all children of God.

Don’t get into a relationship just because you want one. That’s selfish and will end up hurting everyone. Your identity should not be based on whether you’re with someone or not.

Once you are in a relationship, I becomes we and me becomes us.

God can feel just like you and me. We were made in his image.

Journal—just do it (even if you’re a guy). Learning to reflect is so important, and it’s how the Spirit teaches us.

To grow and mature, you must learn to become vulnerable within a loving Christ centered community. Everyone is broken, and everyone needs Jesus.

Seek mentors that will pour wisdom into you, peers that will sharpen you, and others you can invest in.

Everyone needs a little bit of therapy.

When you realize that God’s grace is unlimited, you no longer want to sin—you forget about your own desires because you are so focused on His love.

How you start your morning strongly affects how you function for the rest of the day.

Technology can be distracting and cause unnecessary stress in our lives. Fast from it, and create a habit of silencing yourself before the Lord.

Your proximity to God determines how loud, clear, and often you hear Him.


I hope one or two of these will click inside of you and lead you to contemplate them more. I’ll probably do more lists of things I learn as I collect bits of wisdom over time. Thanks for reading!