"It’s not surprising that God repeatedly told Joshua He was with him just before instructing Joshua to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. That’s because being called by God can feel like a moment of isolation. When we pursue God’s plan, well-meaning people will not always understand our specific calling, and that may cause some people (even friends) to turn away. God’s voice led Abraham outside the comfort zone of a land he knew with familiarity. Not even Abraham’s wife, Sarah, understood the weight of God’s promise over their lives.

It’s true that God’s calling can set us apart, whether for a moment or an extended season, but He never intended for us to do it alone. Just as God promised Joshua to never leave him nor forsake him, so it is with us. We have been given the promise of the Holy Spirit, who is not only with us, but also within us. God’s Spirit leads, comforts, directs, instructs and testifies that we are inheritors of the Kingdom.

If there are moments on your journey that you feel isolated while fulfilling God’s calling, remember you have the power of the Holy Spirit in you and with you. You are not alone.”

Shakirah Hill