Technology is not a bad thing in itself, but when we’re more tuned into our iPhone alerts than to our Creator, it’s a problem.


This is how the Bible was supposed to be designed.

"We have fragmented the Bible into bits—moral bits, systematic-theological bits, devotional bits, historical-critical bits, narrative bits, and homiletical bits. When the Bible is broken up in this way, there is no comprehensive grand narrative to withstand the power of the comprehensive humanist narrative that shapes our culture. The Bible bits are accommodated to the more all-embracing cultural story, and it becomes that story—i.e. the humanist story—that shapes our lives" (Michael W. Goheen).

What I'm doing, for now.


Here’s the deal, I am filming a documentary about a guy who is running the A.T. in hopes to raise $100,000 for an orphanage in Uganda. We are on the trail now, but we might not be soon. We are out of money, we are his only crew and if we leave, so does he. It would be a heartbreaking thing to…

My friend, Todd, is filming a documentary and has 8 days left to reach his goal! you can help him out by donating $5 here: